Doc Carson - Author, Philosopher, Life Coach To Happiness.

High Way Publishing

High Way Publishing - Doc Carson - Author, Philosopher, Life Coach To Happiness.
High Way Publishing - Doc Carson - Author, Philosopher, Life Coach To Happiness.

Hunting for happiness

Source: Lawrence Journal World - By Mindie Paget September 12, 2004

Lecompton author's 'Gone Shopping!' takes philosophical journey toward bliss

Doc Carson


Lecompton author Doc Carson has written a new book called "Gone Shopping! An Odyssey of Discovery," which takes a philosophical look at life during a journey through an imaginary shopping mall. Carson is pictured on Tuesday at his home west of Lawrence.


Lecompton resident wins book award

Source: Lawrence Journal World May 24, 2005

Lecompton resident and Kansas University graduate Doc Carson's "Gone Shopping! An Odyssey of Discovery" won the 2004 Midwest Merit Bood Award for interior layout.

The awards are sponsored by the Midwest Independent Publishers Assn. and celebrate excellence in editorial and design for titles published in 2004.

In Carson's book, a shopping trip turns into an imaginative adventure as the shopper explores the surreal five-level mall shaped like a pyramid. The mall features a show-and-tell hall on level four, the "More is Better Church" on level three, and the Distraction District on the mezzanine between levels two and three.

Wichita Eagle

Posted on Sun, Feb. 20, 2005 Wichita Eagle by Nancy Mehl

Carson shares ideas about successful living in 'Gone Shopping'

"Gone Shopping!: An Odyssey of Discovery" by Doc Carson ( High Way Publishing, $12.95, paperback, fiction/psychology)

Writer and philosopher "Doc" Carson is a native Kansan. He earned degrees in psychology and philosophy at the University of Kansas and lives in Lawrence with his wife, Sue, and their dachshund, Kaiser.

Describing himself as a "professionally happy person," he sees his life as an experiment in happiness. "You have to keep testing and checking the results life gives you," he says. Two events caused Carson to evaluate his own existence. The first was a serious car accident, and the second, an armed robbery. "After those two near-death experiences, life became pretty valuable to me."

Carson shares his ideas about the importance of successful living in "Gone Shopping!: An Odyssey of Discovery." The story, told through the eyes of a man who stumbles upon an unusual shopping mall where he takes a fascinating journey of self- discovery, makes Carson 's point of view stimulating and entertaining.

Although I usually approach books touting philosophical messages" with trepidation, I was pleasantly surprised by Carson 's effort. He doesn't talk down to or exclude any particular group. There is no political or religious "correctness" lecture here. Instead, he offers insights that allows every reader to gain something unique.

"Gone Shopping!" is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders and Watermark Books. It can also be ordered through Book Kansas ! at (877) 878-8127

Flyover People Daily News

Doc Carson's Emporia Public Library talk featured in "Flyover People"

Doc Carson 

Photo and article by Cheryl Unruh

Doc Carson of Lecompton signs books after his talk at the Emporia Public Library this afternoon. "Gone Shopping! An Odyssey of Discovery" is set in a shopping mall, but the book is not about buying stuff. This work of fiction is about life choices—decisions that have the potential to lift us to a higher level of being.

The novel tells a story of a man's journey through the mall of life— the obstacles and the elevators on the way to happiness and satisfaction.

Carson is business owner, but philosophy is his life's work. "Gone Shopping!" was chosen as "Pick of the Month" by the Small Press Review. For more information on the book and author, see High Way Publishing.

The talk was part of the Emporia Public Library's Meet the Author Series.